Bakery - An actual "made from scratch" bakery presenting recently cooked breads, nutmeg doughnuts, biscuits, puddings and child muffins made out of good quality, all normal, additive free elements.

Bistro - Casual total assistance dinner in a peaceful ambiance supplying a selection of snacks, sauces, soups, pizzas and tiny discs, including our gradual roasting meat hoagie, or our pear and goat cheese lasagna to your well-known shrimp muffins with grape and acid salad..

Every thing is manufactured on-site, from the maple wish bakery to the mayonnaise utilising the hottest components accessible.. The essential selection keeps the exact same and specials are offered by us through the entire week utilizing periodic elements..

What could a cafe be with out a fantastic wine and alcohol listing? All of our wines are offered by the glass including wine and an extraordinary set of treat wines.. We also provide many special Belgian beers and drinks alongside our Sam Adams periodic beers..

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