In June of 2005, Chef/owner Ann Duckworth, "Duck" and company associates, Cindy Diamond, Kim Larsen, and Anne MacDonald all hired a small 400 block base area in the freshly produced East Decatur Station (the former Biolab complex). The first program was to show the room, which had of late been a tiny online florist, in to a professional kitchen and bakery for Duckworth's food caterer, Cosmic Kitchen, and a for Ducky's Cookies, the partner's on-line and wholesale bakery.

All through development we identified ourselves actually savoring the see of the slow paced life and the courtyard and using meal fails on the footpath in front of the making. We made a decision to discuss the courtyard and the footpath with people, therefore we acquired some seats and terrace tables and set up an awning.. The effect was The 1 Lady which exposed in November of 2005, supplying recently cooked breads, bagels, muffins, doughnuts, biscuits, and different puddings, providing, and the full company cafe with a selection of handmade snacks, pizzas and tiny dishes..

In 1990 Duck put out her stove and hasn't authorized one in her kitchen since. A devoted "naturalist", and supporter of the "slow food" activity, she produced all of her different dinners, and cooked items, from damage. That idea and motivation could be the groundwork of The 1 Lady.. Believe it or not, we're one of a microwave doesn't be used by the few restaurants a element of our preparing or cooking procedures..

We're focused on employing simply the hottest, finest quality elements accessible. Nothing of our foodstuffs incorporate man-made additives, or trans-fats. We employ simply Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and genuine butter for all of our selection objects and cooked items..

All of our foods are healed, cooked, and/or gradual roasting on-site. We cook and produce our bakery employing a 48 time method thus each lf has time for you to produce a great handmade persona and consistency.. And the exact same goes for the "Ultimate Bagels" branded by the AJC's Ultimate Dining Guide 2006.. We cause them to become the previous trend approach, designed yourself boiled, and subsequently cooked..

To keep a top level of quality and taste, we produce anything to buy and in tiny amounts.. Why we advise you contact onward to buy your bakery or any things that's you may possibly desire in greater volumes. They will be gladly made by us they are..